Scrooge: An Evening with Charles Dickens

Beloved family Christmastime classic in the comfort of your home! “A Christmas Carol”, the Dickens classic, presented as a one-man theater.

Shasta Arts Council and New Frontier Theatre Company invite you to virtually attend the highly acclaimed one-man show: “Scrooge: An Evening with Charles Dickens,” performed by its Artistic Director, Bennett Gale.

Our performance follows in the tradition set by Mr. Dickens himself, where he would often act out his own stories, playing all the characters. Mr. Gale has performed this original adaptation of ‘The Christmas Carol’ to thousands of spectators throughout Northern California, including the Riverfront Playhouse and Shasta County Arts Council.

This highly animated and compelling performance provides the opportunity to hear the original language in its humor and drama in a way that the standard movie or play does not provide. The performance is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, with an optional Q & A for another 20 minutes.

We are offering livestream performances. The Q&A session will be held via Zoom.



Mr. Gale has performed extensively throughout the United States including a starring role in the iconic Broadway show, “Beatlemania.” Since moving to Siskiyou County several years ago, he has been the drama teacher and coach for several of the local schools as well as the creator of New Frontier Theatre Company. Mr. Gale is available for in-house presentations and interactive workshops for individual schools.



Simply fill out your invoice, submit, print and send it along with your check. Once your school’s payment has been received, you will be emailed a link that is to be used to view the livestream.


When counting attendees, please include all in attendance, adults & children.

1-50 $50, 51-99 $75, 100 – 199 $125, 200 – 299 $175, 300 – 399 $250, 400 + $300.


Click here to see part of previous year’s performance.



Your students will undoubtedly want to share this experience with their families(teachers will too!) There are 2 livestream performances scheduled for them! Details can be found on Eventbrite.


Bennett Gale as Charles Dickens The last virtual field trip livestream of Scrooge: An Evening with Charles Dickens for 2021 is Friday, December 10. However, you don't have to miss this year's performance! Two livestreams are scheduled for families to enjoy from their own home (or wherever they choose to watch it!). Details for these performances can be found on Eventbrite. We hope your students will be able to attend Scrooge: An Evening with Charles Dickens with their families this weekend and as a class next year!