The mission of the Shasta Arts Foundation is to advocate, promote, and support K-12 Arts Education in the public schools of Shasta County. Our initial goals are:


  1. To provide the youth of Shasta County with opportunities and encouragement to express themselves through music.
  2. To support music education in the schools of Shasta County by acquiring modern band instruments and providing music training to every school in the Redding and Gateway School districts.
  3. To advocate for increased funding, administrative oversight, and curricular accountability for music education at the local, district and county level.


The initial proposal for the Shasta Arts Foundation includes a modest fundraising goal of $50,000 to provide classroom set of Modern Band instrument ten schools in Shasta County: (8 schools in the Redding Elementary School District, Grant Elementary School and Grand Oaks Elementary Schools). We will partner with the organization Little Kids Rock in order to purchase instruments (guitars, ukuleles, basses, drum sets, keyboards, etc.) at a discount directly from the manufacturer. We will also provide professional development training to ANY teacher that wishes to learn how to teach using the Modern Band curriculum.


The organization (Shasta Arts Foundation) has already developed a relationship with the organizations Little Kids Rock and the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, both of which have been looking to expand their music education curricula into rural Northern California, but lack financial backing and underwriting at the local level that would allow them to fund the programs.


The main premise of the Shasta Arts Foundation is to act as an intermediary, collecting donations locally in order to support these national programs in our schools. In future years, we would like to expand the program to include schools throughout the county so that every child in Shasta County has equitable access to an organized and cohesive music curriculum no matter what school they attend throughout Shasta County.

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