The Indigenous Peoples’ History Day celebrates the rich cultural history, deep ecological wisdom, and resilience of the Indigenous Peoples of our region.
Through this collaborative public event, we share stories that have been silenced and unheard to bring healing, understanding, and unity to our region. The event is also designed to help the public understand how this history continues to impact our community to this day and how the perspectives of indigenous people have never been more relevant in helping us overcome the environmental and social challenges of today.

In cooperation with the Shasta County Arts Council (SCAC), through the Downtown Cultural District, the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Planning
Committee plans and will carry out the Indigenous Peoples’ Day community event, to be held in October in the Downtown Redding

The IPHDPC is made up of Indigenous Community members who are dedicated to sharing the history and cultural wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of the region and maintains control of programming, planning, and facilitation of the IPHD. The IPHDPC and IPHD support the SCAC mission to “provide avenues for social exchange that promote learning and cultural understanding.” The IPHD continues to grow, and through the collaboration with the Redding Cultural District, the committee is extending its relationships with all the member organizations. SCAC will act as the fiscal host of the IPHD event.



Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2019

October 12, 2019

Yana • Wintu • Hat Creek • Pit River • Okwanuchu

Saturday Street Fair: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.



The 2019 Indigenous Peoples’ History Day will include a street fair featuring Indigenous vendors and theatrical presentations that will take place throughout the day. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a unique event in Shasta County. Show your support for the Indigenous People of Shasta County and the Redding Cultural District by becoming a Program Sponsor today.


Sponsorship Levels


Eagle $2,500 or In kind

  • 3 reserved rows for the presentation
  • Name and Logo displayed on event program and materials

Flicker $500 or In Kind

  • 1 reserved row for the presentation
  • Name and logo displayed on event program and materials

Hawk $1,500 or In kind

  • 2 reserved rows for the presentation
  • Name and logo displayed on event program and materials

$100 Memorial Contribution

  • Honorable mention of honoree on event program and during event




The Indigenous Peoples History Day began in 2015 through a partnership of Native community members and the Shasta Historical Society with the mission to “to share the truth and promote healing with a top-notch, entertaining and collaborative program about local indigenous history.”

Past events have included theatrical presentations, such as the original UnDamming History play, film screenings, indigenous food tastings and a downtown street fair outside the Cascade Theater. It historically was one of the most popular Shasta Historical Society events. The annual event has been held in October each year except for 2017, where no event was held. Planning is currently underway for the 2019 event and IPHDPC members have begun to outline and build upon past years’ events. The committee members are exploring ideas such as theater presentations, film screenings, speakers, music, dance, music, and other demonstrations. The committee plans to hold the open street fair once again, creating an open market space for crafts, arts, performances and cultural sharing.

In addition to the IPHD taking place in October, the Redding Rancheria Stillwater Pow Wow, the Shasta County Office of Education’s staff training on supporting Native American students and the Art from the Ashes Exhibit are scheduled to be held. The planning committee sees these October events as additional opportunities to conduct outreach, build partners and increase the exposure of the IPHD and its mission.