Donate to the Shasta County Arts Council to support the local arts community. The arts develop culture, aid in the healthy development of children, and influence our daily lives. Your donation will help to fund the ongoing programs and events that are hosted by the Shasta County Arts Council. Join us in developing Shasta County as a destination for artists and the arts. Every amount, small or large, is appreciated.

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Donate to a fundraiser for a specific campaign. Contact our office to find out about current campaigns.

1852 Voices of the Golden Ghosts

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Shasta Arts Foundation

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Donate to a fundraiser for a specific campaign. Contact our office to find out about current campaigns.

Donate to support Firereel Film Alliance

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Tai Chi Meditation Garden – Campaign

Members of Redding Tai Chi have partnered with the Turtle Bay Exploration Park to creating an alternative environment for meditative exercise. This partnership will bring to our community a project that blends art and nature and is accessible to people of all ages.

The Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden will be built with your help. Redding Tai Chi has partnered with the Shasta County Arts Council for fiscal sponsorship which allows collecting donations under SCAC non-profit 501(c)(3) status to finance the project.

This project will be beneficial not only to members of our community but will also be a unique draw for those visiting Redding and the North State. With that in mind, we are committed to building a Tai Chi practice area in Redding, tentatively named “Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden,” so that anyone can practice Tai Chi or meditative exercises or just sit and enjoy a peaceful setting. Our plan is based on the David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court located at Cabin John Regional Park in Rockville, Maryland.

Learn more about this project:

We accept donations by cash or check.

If you are writing a check, please make it out to “Shasta County Arts Council” and in the memo line please write: “Tai Chi Garden Project”.

Tai Chi Meditation Garden – Brick Campaign


You can help support this project and get a brick engraved with your name with a simple donation. The bricks will be placed on the path leading to the Tai Chi Meditation Garden and will become a permanent marker showing your support. Click here for more information!

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