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For programming questions, call 530.241.7320


Community members are welcome to utilize the SCACtv facilities (recording studios, editing bays) and equipment. The following regulations and fees apply. If you require financial assistance to complete your project, please call us at 530.241.7320 to discuss your options.
1. Membership status.
SCACtv membership is required for all utilizing the facility and renting equipment. For large productions, all production members handling SCACtv equipment are required to carry current SCACtv membership and be trained on the proper use of the equipment by SCACtv staff.
  • Individual SCACtv membership – $25 annually
  • Non-profit organization SCACtv membership – $40
  • For-profit business SCACtv membership – $120
Membership benefits:
– if programming is provided for public access channel broadcast, access to equipment on-site or outside of the facility is free of charge. If gear is used for productions that are not aired on public access, a rental fee applies (depends on gear used). Please note, some equipment may not be available for rental outside of the facility OR may be restricted to operation by SCACtv staff only. If it’s staff-operation only, a special fee may apply even if the individual requesting use on-site is a Member. If your project will not be aired with us, a rental fee is collected at the time of pick-up. Content produced with this equipment must arrive to us within 90 days of checkout if you are using it for free.
– 20 hours a month free access to editing bays (with 7 days notice)
– free programming broadcast to channels 181 or 182
– tutorials with SCACtv staff (scheduling required)
– small recording studio access free of charge (with 7 days notice to make sure it’s available)
– large studio (ballroom) access at $75/day  (with 30 days notice to make sure it’s available)
Non-profit organization
– Individual membership benefits +
– 40 hours a month free access to editing bays (we need 7 days notice)
General rules:
  • A credit card & ID is taken at the time of rental to be placed on file
  • Equipment is available for a 3-day use when rented out
  • Studios and editing bays are available for half-day or full-day use
  • Allow for 30 minutes at pick-up and drop-off to go over gear
Staff time: $25/ hour if Staff is required to operate and/or supervise the recording/ streaming or supervise and assist in setup of studio and equipment (plus reset to previous settings).
Special equipment setup fee: streaming encoder setup – $50. This is a one-time fee. The encoder may need to be reprogrammed from its usual settings and then reset back to previous settings, following the use.


For specific equipment rental cost, please contact us with detailed requirements at


All materials submitted must meet technical parameters for broadcast to SCACtv Channels 181 or 182. The material has to be submitter ready to air.
Broadcast fees: $1.00/ minute (for non-member submissions or commercial productions); FREE to members for the broadcast of material recorded with permission to broadcast on public access tv.

Covid-19 regulations

Video production is allowed under purple, red, and orange tiers, as long as no live audience is involved. There can be max. 10 individuals in the main recording studio at once at any given time. All are required to wear facial coverings unless they’re singers or play wind instruments. All are required to observe social distancing rules. All persons entering the facility will undergo simple health screening (temperature taken with a touchless thermometer and inquiry about any possible known Covid-19 exposure within the last 14 days).

Request a DVD Copy

Request a DVD copy (or multiple copies) of material aired on SCAC TV Channel 181.

Click here to download the material request form.

Prices and instructions on how to obtain a DVD copy are on the form. For more information, call 530.241.7320.

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