Redding Tai Chi meditation garden – project update

Redding Tai Chi meditation garden – project update

Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden is on its way!

While we don’t know where we stand in the finals, USA Today’s A COMMUNITY THRIVES (ACT) program director contacted us for budget information and asked about the sustainability of the project, funds raised to date, etc. It appears we are in the final selection process. Here’s what she asked and here’s what we told her:

1). Should partial funding be received, how will the additional funds be secured?

Securing full funding is imperative to our project. Turtle Bay Exploration Park has donated the site location with the stipulation that we cannot start construction until the funds are on hand. Our estimate for the project is $148,300. We have raised $43,097 of in-kind and cash donations. Because there was the possibility of only receiving partial funding for the project through the ACT USA Today Network grant, we secured a donor who is willing to match up to $50,000 so that we will be able to fund the project in entirety. We are also applying to a local foundation but no funds have been secured at this time.

2). What is the project timeline?

The architectural plans will be completed within the next 7-10 days and we will start asking contractors for bids by the end of May. Our goal is to have the project completed by October 2017.

3). Who will manage the project?

A project manager has not been selected at this time.

4). What is the sustainability plan for the park maintenance after the grant period has ended?

We have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Redding that Redding Tai Chi will be responsible for maintenance of the project. However, the Tai Chi Meditation Garden is expected to have minor operation budget impact since it is a hard surface for passive recreational activities. An added benefit is that it provides landscaping that does not need supplemental irrigation. The design is basically a large patio. The surface has a one and a half degree slope to help with drainage. There are expansion joints built into the concrete base and worked into the mosaic surface. Surface joints are filled with a rubber caulk. The surface is sealed with several coats of clear stone-sealant to keep moisture out.

We have been advised by the Wu Wei Tai Chi Club in Rockville, MD, from which our project is modeled, that maintenance of their Tai Chi Court “…has been easy. The County uses a leaf blower to keep the surface free of leaves once or twice a month in the fall. The surface is power washed in the spring, and it gets a new topcoat of sealant every other year or so. We have had a couple of small repairs to the mortar where water did get into the joint.”

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