Glass & Mosaic – art show now open through July 23

Glass & Mosaic – art show now open through July 23

Visit Old City Hall gallery to see the amazing art show created by glass and mosaic artists, Jason Paine (glass) and Cathy Reisfelt (mosaic).

The show is open through July 23. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am – 4pm. Saturdays, 10am – 3pm. First Friday of the month – 10am – 8pm.


About the artists:



Cathy is a California girl who has lived in the Redding for 45 years. She is a retired speech-language pathologist and has worked in many schools in Shasta County. She has two wonderful daughters and three grandchildren, who provide much joy and have been the inspiration behind several of her mosaic pieces.

For many years she has been interested in learning the art of mosaics, and several years ago, when a good friend encouraged her to come over to her house to show Cathy the basics and help her get started, she ran with it and hasn’t stopped.

When the pandemic hit and she found herself with plenty of “home time”, she found that making mosaics provided her with serenity and bliss. Not being able to attend classes or normal training, she spent hours on the Internet, studying artists’ works and following blogs on “How to Mosaic”. She also spent a lot of time FaceTiming a dear cousin, an artist with many talents (not mosaics), to get tips on using color, texture, and offering an honest opinion. From All that, she developed her own style. While using primarily stained glass, Cathy also enjoys using mixed media. Her works typically include ceramic and glass tiles, charms, and being a rock collector, enjoys putting some of her found “treasures” into her pieces.

The inspiration behind her work comes from family and friends, as the majority of her mosaics were made for them and ideas came from what Cathy thought they would enjoy. She also enjoys taking photos or using other photos as a starting point, and then creatively modifying them to add her own mosaic touch.




Jason Paine was first exposed to glass while traveling through Venice in 2007.  After watching the maestros effortlessly fashion masterpieces from 2100-degree blobs of glass he was instantly hooked.   He started blowing glass on his rooftop house while living with n Hong Kong but has since built a 900 sqft studio in Palo Cedro where he gives lessons and creates his work.
Jason is inspired by nature and its relationship to the metaphysical realm.  He is continually experimenting with the inexhaustible forms of expression glass offers the artist.
Artist Statement 
Transcendence Descending
This exhibition is made up of over 160 blown pieces of glass that explore the ideas of truth, goodness, beauty, and sacrifice both in their physical and metaphysical states.