First Fridays Downtown – October 1st at Old City Hall

First Fridays Downtown – October 1st at Old City Hall

Visit Old City Hall on Friday, October 1st between 5pm and 8pm to enjoy great local art and culture! We are presenting a new gallery show “Indigenous Art”, and hosting two fantastic local artists on our lawns outside Old City Hall, Marti Weidert and Diane Delgado. Please read on for further details.


We are proud to present a new gallery show, “Indigenous Art” opening this Friday. In October and over a part of November 2021, Shasta County Arts Council will be hosting an exhibition of artwork created by Indigenous artists living and creating locally. As part of extended Indigenous Peoples’ History Day celebrations in Shasta County, and, in recognition of the Native American Heritage Month, we are handing over our gallery space to program by and speak for the community whose voice is often ignored in both fine arts context and civic engagement. Our collaborative presentation is a step towards deepening community inclusivity, fostering multicultural dialogue, and highlighting the continuing presence of the Peoples’ whose ancestral lands and culture have been and continue to shape the cultural landscape of the area we all share.


Artist Marti Weidert will be showing her most recent watercolors in the “Local Landscapes” series. All work, originals and prints, is available to purchase!

The paintings of Marti Weidert capture the individual visual experiences that memorialize places, things, and ideas that count: places of unusual significance, favorite objects, special times, or people. Born in California, Marti began her formal art education at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C. at age 10, where she received painting instruction for youth. Inspired by color, line, emotion (part of realism), and the joy of working plein aire, she invested in more training in San Diego, Trinity County, Shasta College, and independent work. Since 1996, both collectors and artists have acknowledged her as a talented painter. Her paintings now hang in permanent and private collections in California.

Marti’s artwork includes painting, drawing, mixed-media, and photography.

Her artwork is a part of numerous private collections in several of the United States. See more of Marti’s work at


Master potter and jewelry maker, Diane Delgado of Saxon Designs is our second featured artist for First Fridays Downtown. Saxon Designs is a small independent artist endeavor.  Diane Delgado is the artist who designs and creates all of the pottery and jewelry.  She is assisted by her husband John who helps out with the other aspects of running the business and more importantly by giving a lot of moral support.

“I specialize in handmade stoneware ceramics and hand-forged bronze and silver jewelry. All work is designed and created by me. In 2018, we relocated our studio to the beautiful town of Igo CA. Our jewelry-making studio is up and running. We are currently firing our pottery with an electric kiln powered by a solar array.

All jewelry pieces are original handmade work by me. I design and create each piece individually. With very few small exceptions, all the metalwork is done by me by hand. I design and forge each piece of jewelry by hand (I do not just assemble mass-produced components).

I create each stoneware (pottery) piece by hand, from design to finish. This is a single-artist operation and I don’t have a staff of potters throwing for me nor do I use mass production pottery techniques (such as casting, etc). The stoneware process can be lengthy, requiring several kiln firings\ to produce a single piece. The final firing is the glaze firing which requires 12 hours of time to produce the proper glaze melt.”

For more information on Saxon Designs or to purchase some of the creations, check: