Current exhibits

Glass & Mosaic

June 3, 2022 - July 23, 2022

Visit Old City Hall gallery to see the amazing art show created by glass and mosaic artists, Jason Paine (glass) and Cathy Reisfelt (mosaic).

The show is open through July 23. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am – 4pm. Saturdays, 10am – 3pm. First Friday of the month – 10am – 8pm




Cathy is a California girl who has lived in the Redding for 45 years. She is a retired speech-language pathologist and has worked in many schools in Shasta County. She has two wonderful daughters and three grandchildren, who provide much joy and have been the inspiration behind several of her mosaic pieces.

For many years she has been interested in learning the art of mosaics, and several years ago, when a good friend encouraged her to come over to her house to show Cathy the basics and help her get started, she ran with it and hasn’t stopped.

When the pandemic hit and she found herself with plenty of “home time”, she found that making mosaics provided her with serenity and bliss. Not being able to attend classes or normal training, she spent hours on the Internet, studying artists’ works and following blogs on “How to Mosaic”. She also spent a lot of time FaceTiming a dear cousin, an artist with many talents (not mosaics), to get tips on using color, texture, and offering an honest opinion. From All that, she developed her own style. While using primarily stained glass, Cathy also enjoys using mixed media. Her works typically include ceramic and glass tiles, charms, and being a rock collector, enjoys putting some of her found “treasures” into her pieces.

The inspiration behind her work comes from family and friends, as the majority of her mosaics were made for them and ideas came from what Cathy thought they would enjoy. She also enjoys taking photos or using other photos as a starting point, and then creatively modifying them to add her own mosaic touch.




Jason Paine was first exposed to glass while traveling through Venice in 2007.  After watching the maestros effortlessly fashion masterpieces from 2100-degree blobs of glass he was instantly hooked.   He started blowing glass on his rooftop house while living with n Hong Kong but has since built a 900 sqft studio in Palo Cedro where he gives lessons and creates his work.
Jason is inspired by nature and its relationship to the metaphysical realm.  He is continually experimenting with the inexhaustible forms of expression glass offers the artist.
Artist Statement 
Transcendence Descending
This exhibition is made up of over 160 blown pieces of glass that explore the ideas of truth, goodness, beauty, and sacrifice both in their physical and metaphysical states.

The Artwork

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Future exhibits

Birds, Bugs & Blooms

August 5 - September 24, 2022

Past exhibits

Annual Juried Middle School Art Competition

April 22, 2022 - May 14, 2022

Juror: ceramics master artist and teacher, Michael Perkin.


Participating schools:

– Redding School of the Arts
– University Preparatory School
– Phoenix Charter Academy
– Stellar Charter School
– West Cottonwood School

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Annual Juried High School Art Competition

March 3 - April 9, 2022

Wood, Glass & Clay

January 7 - February 19

Opening on Friday, January 7 at Old City Hall, in the heart of the Redding Cultural District, the “Wood, Glass & Clay” art show features exquisite works of art created by ten exceptional North State artists.
Audiences visiting will be able to see creations of Palul, Kathleen Weaver, Larry Carnes, Nicole Stowe, Alice Porembski, Michael Perkin, Stan Sours, Clif Sowder, Jerry Cousins and Jim Lacitignola.
The opening reception for the exhibition is part of First Fridays Downtown and will take place on Friday, January 7 from 4pm to 8pm.
It will also be a part of the Annual Redding Cultural Cruise on Friday, January 28 – the first Cultural Cruise after the pandemic lockdowns.
The Old City Hall gallery is open Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 4pm. Saturdays – 10am – 3pm. Admission is free.
Currently, we are asking all patrons to please wear a mask while indoors, regardless of vaccination status.
To purchase artwork, please visit the gallery or visit us online at
Show runs through February 19, 2022.




He says he changed his name from Paul Rideout because he kept miss-typing “Paul.” It kept coming out with an L in the middle as “Palul.”  “It worked for me, so I kept it,” he says.

Palul has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and Chemistry (1962). He has logged over 45 years in laboratory work both clinically and in research. Also, having over 50 years of experience in clay, he is considered a master ceramic artist. He has consistently created art right along with the sciences.

“I couldn’t help it. Creating is absolutely vital to our existence,” he says. “The subjectivity of art and the objectivity of science have kept my life well-balanced. For me ceramics blended art and science in the most perfect way.”

In 1985 Palul began teaching at Shasta College as an adjunct ceramics instructor. He is still an active teacher.

Palul’s public works include two 7 foot pyramids located close to the Sundial Bridge in the McConnell Arboretum and Gardens. They were installed in December 2008. 

In 2011 he created a series of tiles representing the life cycle of salmon inlaid in a 9 foot concrete circle at Clear Creek Gorge Overlook in South Redding.

Additional public tile work can be seen in the three 12 foot pillars in front of Redding Library (2015) and three more 8 footers at the Shasta College Red Bluff Campus (2017). The large monolith in Kid’s Kingdom Park in Enterprise is full of tiles by Palul, Jarm, and Jim Phillips. 

Palul has published over 12 books (9 on ceramics) including a unique autobiography of the1960’s.

His work is collected nationally and internationally. A sampling of his ceramic art, a detailed biography, and links to his books can be seen at


Artist’s Statement:

Art offers individuals opportunities to create new and personal realities through fresh interpretations of old thoughts and forms. Art can link the past and future. However, it is the moment of creation, the Now, when time disappears, that addicts artists. 

When the first dramatic images from the Hubble telescope appeared, I was fascinated that there could be so much activity in space. The Hubble view of outer space presented a world of awe. I wondered how could I express my astonishment? The resulting works came out of inner space–my head. Using black as background, the pieces were developed by freely associating underglaze colors and blends of glazes to fit my moods. The use of the circle (plates as a universal symbol) symbolically represents our contained views of the universe. 

The textured pieces were created by stamping intaglio print templates into clay. Alternatively, a wire-loop tool was used for cutting in lines and textures prior to firing. Glazing with multiple colors added gloss and a depth of colors.

Enjoy the show.     -Palul 2021


Kathleen Weaver


  • Masters Degree in Drawing and Painting, Chico State University, Chico CA.
  • Degree in Art and English, Chico State University, Chico CA.
  • Taught and developed Art Programs for Redding School District, K-14: 1970-2010
  • Board of Directors: Redding Museum of Art
  • Board of Directors: Turtle Bay Park and Museum
  • Member: New Works Gallery 
  • Board of Directors: Shasta County Arts Council
  • Carr Fire destroyed Home and Studio
  • Presently Reconnecting with my Art


Artist’s Statement:

Pottery has come through the ages. Some of it is essential for our day-to-day and some of it is decoration. Some are structural and some are created from memories or honoring or storied ideas. My first ceramic piece was a sculpture of a hand. I have worked in and taught so many techniques …wheel throwing, slab tiles, bisque ware, glazed ware… and I have finally found Pit Fired Sculpture. It allows me to “story-tell” and create imagery to honor and enhance the visualization process and yet allow the “pit-firing” to present its own contribution to each piece.


Larry Carnes

Artist’s Biography:

Larry Carnes is an accomplished Master Potter with over sixty years of experience and training in ceramics, cartooning, animation, and industrial design.  Larry’s work has been showcased in many highly regarded galleries and venues such as The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA, and the Peoria Riverfront Art museum in Peoria, IL.  Larry’s work is featured in numerous private collections across the globe in the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, China, and Australia.

Larry developed his affinity for ceramics while at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, CA.  Soon after enrolling at the Chouinard Art Institute and after being awarded a full-ride Walt Disney scholarship, Larry became a ceramics instructor to undergraduate and high school students.  Larry later went on to teach ceramics classes at the Academy of Creative Education in San Jacinto, CA, the Pot Shop in Venice, CA, Every Woman’s Village in Van Nuys, CA, Sacramento City College, American River College, Cosumnes River College, and Sierra College.

Larry is deeply influenced by his Native American heritage, which bestowed upon him an enduring appreciation and respect of the natural world and the connections between people, animals, plants, and the earth.  These principles have guided Larry throughout his career and are evident in his work.

Today, Larry lives in Palo Cedro, CA, and owns and operates The Pottery Studio.

Nicole Stowe


My name is Nicole Stowe. I am 23 years old, a 4-year glass blower in Northern California, a mom of 3 boys, and an artist passionate about her career. I got introduced to glassblowing in 2018 when taking a glass blowing class at Shasta College. In 2019 I acquired an apprenticeship under Blaze1 glass, and in the summer of 2020, I left my production job at Blaze1 Glass and began my career as a full-time professional Glass Artist. Currently, I spend my days blowing glass at my home studio and traveling to various shows and glass events around the United States. 

Artist Statement: 

 I strive to understand the respective art of Glass Blowing and expand my knowledge in the field in as many avenues as possible. I would say the majority of my style is very mystical, with dark and vibrant colorations with a touch of geometry at times. My work is inspired by the forces of nature and the supernatural. 


Alice Porembski


Alice P. Furniture Studio is located in Redding, California.  Furniture design/maker Alice Porembski has been at this location since 1988. Visit online at

“Trained in traditional furniture making, I feel the challenge of modern fine woodworking is to bring ordinary methods and familiar forms into a new light. Introducing whimsy, drama, fantasy or exploring the beauty and simplicity of design, my work in wood feels like alchemy and offers an alternative to conventional furniture.”

Exhibitions-West Coast

Bench Press-please be seated please, Turtle Bay, Redding, CA. 2020

Bench Press-please be seated please, monca, Chico, CA. – 2019

‘Women’s Work’ Exhibition, Liberty Arts Gallery, Yreka, CA. 2018

Ink stains and wood dust exhibit, Siskiyou Art Museum, Dunsmuir Ca.  2017

Turtle Bay West Coast Biennial Art Exhibition, Redding, Ca. 2017

Anderson Ranch Auction Exhibition, Snowmass, Co. 2008

California Design – San Francisco, CA  2013

  Moon Foundation Art Competition – Redding, CA. 2008

  Light Opera Gallery – San Francisco, CA

  California Design- San Francisco, CA 1994, 1997, 2000, 2002,2004

  “Women in Wood” Northwest Gallery of Fine Woodworking – Seattle, WA 1993

    Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild Summer Show 1993

  Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival – Mill Valley, CA 1992

  Redding Museum of Art and History Exhibition 1990


Bench Press-please be seated please – Turtle Bay publication Fall 2019

500 Cabinets – Lark Publications Fall 2010.

    500 Tables – Lark Publications Summer 2009

American Art Collector- Alcove Books 2007

American Art Collector – Alcove Books 2005

  Woodworker’s Journal – ezine #116- “Today’s Woodworker” 2005

  Craft of Northern California – Alcove Books 2004

  Art of California Discovery, 1993.


 Awards and Scholarships

  Moon Foundation design award.  2003

  Sam and Althea Maloof Wood Scholarship, Anderson Ranch Art Center 2000

  Art of California Discovery, 1993 Bronze Award for a Body of Work

  Redding Museum of Art and History, Category Award in Fine Arts 1990.

Professional Affiliations

  Furniture Society 

  City of Redding, Art in Public Places Committee – founding member.

  Master member of the Baulines Craft Guild

Private Collections:

McConnell Foundation – Redding Ca. 

              Hubbell collection – Berkeley Ca. 

              MacArthur Foundation Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois


Artist’s Statement:

There is a wide range of inspired objects in this cultural cruise through the work of our regional artists. 

Design is a personal process. From the intuitive to the literal, all ten artists approach it differently, all explore the virtuosity of possibility in unrelated mediums and dissimilar styles. Exhibitions like this are important to the cultural build of our community.  All skilled craftspersons in their medium, each artist includes the workmanship of risk in their art. 

Notice what you notice: Beauty, significance, commonplace objects, hidden idioms.  Enjoy this rare gathering of seasoned artists. 

Alice Porembski General Statement

“The range for my furniture design is anchored in fine woodworking.  The shapes are quite literal and draw on traditional furniture.  My design process includes a response to personal history combined with the beauty and extravagant aberrations of naturally occurring wood grain. Throughout the building process, a myriad of emotions and memories become linked to the lengthy, intricate steps of making furniture.” 

Personal Statement

If a work of art rings true for you it may be because you recognize something or respond to a color or shape, and then are surprised by its’ interpretation. In furniture, recognizable forms are elevated out of the ordinary realm by the beauty and extravagant aberrations of naturally occurring wood. For me, this part evokes the mysteries held in trees beyond our daily existence. 

The process of designing and making furniture is absorbing.  I am happiest in my work when I forget time, lose myself in the rhythm of designing or crafting a lovely piece of furniture in exotic wood

Each piece I make has an interwoven story.  The story of the wood, the story of the design, the story of building it.


Michael Perkin

Artist statement

I moved to the North State Happy Valley, three years ago after living in the bay area for 30 years.

Where I was a painter, ceramics teacher, kiln technician, and business owner. I enjoy the mountains and rivers and the beauty of northern California. The ceramics in this show are a sample of 40 years of experimenting with clay. I started throwing pots in high school and soon wanted to go beyond the conventional mug or bowl. I started altering my pots and learning different techniques. The pieces in this show include mold-making, soda firing, reduction firing, raku, screen printing on clay, wheel throw pots, and hand building. I have been involved in many different ceramic programs, colleges, art centers, which I’ve learned various techniques.

Recently I’ve built a soda fire reduction kiln and I’m learning about atmospheric firings. The possibilities of clay are endless Im kinda in the middle of learning them.


Stan Sours


Clif Sowder


Monterey Peninsula, San Jose State College, AA, BA, MA, 1968, ceramics and glass. Selected collections include Theo Portnoy, NY, NY; the Lannon Foundation, Palm Beach, FL; and the Museum of Robotics, Crockett, CA.

A selection of group and solo exhibitions include the following:

The Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY;

Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NY, NY;

The Richmond Museum;

Redding Museum;

Crocker Museum, Sacramento;

The Oakland Art Museum;

The DeYoung Museum, San Francisco;

Canyon Gallery, Los Angeles;

The Art Works, Sacramento;

The Contemporary Artisans, San Francisco.

Member of the Glass Art Society; Emeritus member of the Assoc. of California Ceramic Artists. Instructor of glass, ceramics, design & sculpture at Shasta College since 1968.


Jerry Cousins

Jerry Cousins is a wood worker and furniture maker living in Trinity County. He moved there in the early 1970’s as part of the “back to the land” movement, first to Hayfork and then to the small valley of Hyampom. He and his wife Susan started their family there and then moved to Weaverville, where they still live.

Jerry has been involved in many different aspects of construction and woodworking, house construction, remodeling, cabinet making and now focusing entirely on furniture. In 2004 he attended James Krenov’s woodworking school at College of the Redwoods, in Fort Bragg to learn the skill of marquetry.

Marquetry takes diverse species of wood veneers and pieces them together to form patterns,  accents, and images. Woods are chosen for their color, grain pattern, and hues. Once the wood design or “picture” is completed it is usually integrated into a piece of furniture -but for the last few years, in addition to furniture pieces, he has created interesting 2-dimensional wall hangings. All of the wood veneers are cut in the shop and using the double-bevel cutting method, pieces are cut into the background to create the design or picture. His pieces are in several private collections and have been shown in the Fine Woodworking Magazine. Currently, he shows his work at several local Trinity County galleries and at the Dovetail Collection Gallery in Healdsburg, CA.



Marquetry takes diverse species of wood and pieces them together to form patterns and images. The use of different colored wood veneers, which are carefully cut to fit precisely together, creates a design in a single sheet.
Unlike inlay, marquetry is created by using contrasting materials of the same thickness to create images. The final piece is then affixed to a thicker substrate -think of a smooth surfaced jigsaw puzzle
being glued to a piece of plywood.

All of the marquetry pieces are cut in the shop. These are the “veneers” that are used for their color, grain patterns, textures, and highlights. Using the double-bevel method pieces are cut into the background wood to create the picture. Once complete they are integrated into the furniture.

For unique commission pieces, contact or 530 623 7165


Jim Lacitignola


The Artwork

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