Current exhibits

In Other Worlds

June 14 - July 27

Kim Fitzsimmons is a mixed media collage artist who likes to play and when she discovered mixed media she thought she had died and gone to heaven. Her process incorporates layers and layers of paint, colored pencils, vintage and pet photos. By combining the vintage photos with the pet photos she is able to construct whimsical worlds that tickle the imagination.
Her found object creations are constructed from found objects collected from parking lots, parks, yard sales, and even dumpster diving. The search is as fun as the creating. She spreads her collection of found objects all over the table and then lets the pieces tell her what they want to be.
Her art work can be found in collections all over the United States

“My goal is to inspire those who see my art to discover beauty in the unusual. Treasure the ordinary and looking past the obvious. Find the beauty in an old couch spring, rusted metal, a battered wooden alphabet block, barbie doll parts or found objects picked up in a parking lot.
I take these discarded materials and transform them into new unexpected creations. As these unlikely components come together I am always surprised and amazed at what I have created. The most amazing creations happen when I just let the art speak to me and not try to control the process.

For me, moving from medium to medium stimulates and inspires me. It definitely keeps me from being bored.

Sometimes people look at my art and ask me why?
My response, because I can.”


Maggie is a fiber artist. She began with soft sculptures and then ventured into art quilts. She also creates creatures using mixed media.

Fiber art enables Maggie to express herself through color and texture, using ribbons, yarns, threads, fabrics and embellishments. She starts with a vague idea and lets the sculpture or art quilt tell her what it wants to be.

She makes her art pieces because it makes her happy — and, as a bonus loves it when she sees someone look at her art and smile.

“Growing up, my favorite things were animals and Loony Tune cartoons. This is where it led – portraying animals how I seem them (and how, hopefully, like they want o be seen). Joyous (yet hard working) dragons, dare-to-be-beautiful turkeys, a flamingo with a passion, jubilant flying frogs, emotional chickens. I love it when someone sees them for the first time and laughs out loud.

Animals have dignity, they have emotions, and they have souls. We should never mistreat them nor take them for granted.

And now that I’m well over a half century old, I can say that animals and cartoons keep me smiling and on the proper side of insanity.”


Kim Fitzsimmons & Maggie Baggett

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Past exhibits

Annual Juried Middle School Art Competition 2019

April 26 - May 25

Figuring Juncture - the contemporary art of Justin Patton & Karlo Henry Velazquez

January 11 - February 23

This exhibition presented works created by Karlo Henry Velazquez and Justin Patton.

Opening reception was held on Friday, January 11, 2019. The show was part of the 2019 Redding Cultural Cruise.


Justin Patton, Karlo Henry Velazquez

The Artwork

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20th Annual Juried High School Art Competition

March 8 - April 5

Jurors: Karlo Henry Velazquez & Justin Patton.

Opening reception & awards night was held on Friday, March 8, 2019.

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