Past exhibits


January 8 - January 29, 2016

This show was part of the 2016 Redding Cultural Cruise. Works featured were created by young, emerging Redding area artists.


Alexandria Blevins

Enrique Zepeda

Lauren Phipps

Ryan Schuppert of Cannonball Metal Works

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Sundial Film Festival - Photography Showcase

February 12 - March 6, 2016

Presented by Active 20-30 Club of Redding, this show was part of the 2016 Sundial Film Festival. Old City Hall hosted the show resulting from the photography contest submissions.

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Annual Juried High School Art Competition 2016

March 11 - March 26, 2016

The 2016 Annual Juried High School Art Competition hosted works created by students of 12 North State high schools. 545 works were entered by 347 students. 185 works were juried into the final show and 14 were awarded.

Juror was artist Colleen Barry.


University Preparatory School
Anderson Union High School
Foothill High School
Enterprise High School
Fall River High School
Burney High School
Redding Christian School
Stellar Charter School
Academy of Personalised Learning
Shasta High School
Anderson New Tech
Central Valley High School

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Annual Juried Middle School Art Competition

April 22 - April 23, 2016

The 2016 Juried Middle School Art Competition was inaugurated in April of this year. The Middle School level of the competition was spearheaded by one of Shasta’s dedicated school teachers – Lura Wilhelm. With the assistance of Shasta Arts Council and a small group of middle school teachers, the competition follows tried and tested guidelines that High School Art Competition has worked out.

In 2016, four middle schools participated, entering over 200 pieces to be juried. 85 works were selected for display, by a jury comprised of two accomplished high school art teachers – Tamara Watson and Sandra Ross.


Monarch Learning Center

Redding School of the Arts

University Preparatory School

Parsons Junior High School

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April 8 - May 13, 2016

Salon artists meet regularly to support each other’s artistic endeavors, share  current art projects, and to exhibit new artwork in the community.
Established in October of 1996 by five artists, the group has twenty-five  painters, sculptors, print makers, ceramists, digital artists, and photographers.


Maryann Bracket

Carla Canter

James Canter

Bev Corford

Bruce Davidson

Michael Eichwald

Barbara Enochian

Jan Grantham

Susan Greaves

Derek Grinnell

Judy King

Gwen Knaebel

Gene Knaebel

Howard “Luke” Lucas

Stephanie Luke

Sharon McKelvey

Chuck Prudhomme

Diana Troxell

Usana Weaver

Malcolm Wilson

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Within Reach

July 8 - August 27, 2016

This exhibit consists of a collection of oil paintings by two artists, Paul Zegers and Andrew Duclos, ranging in size from small plein air studies showing how the process begins to larger studio paintings.

The art show highlights the value of the Northern California area around Redding as a wonderful destination for tourism and outdoor recreation. The title “Within Reach” suggests that all paintings in the show will be from scenic areas within a day trip of Redding. “We also hope to remind locals of the variety of beautiful local destinations available to them for healthy and relaxing recreation. We have traveled throughout the area within a day-trip driving distance to paint on location as well as take reference photos used in the studio to create larger works.” GPS locations are included in the tiles [and QR codes are provided] of the works so viewers can travel to the actual locations if they wish.”

The exhibit highlights not only the finished works but also the process of creating the artworks through the inclusion of several plein air studies as well as a demonstration painting from each artist with notes showing various stages in the development of an oil painting.


Paul Zegers

Andrew Duclos

The Artwork

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September 9 - October 28, 2016

“We are aware that homelessness is a local political issue currently. We see that it is a complex, multifaceted problem wrestled with by many.

Not all members of our community have the same experience with homelessness. For example, medical personnel on the HOPE Van, family members of the mentally ill, business owners, workers at the Rescue Mission, police officers, etc. all have different perspectives and experiences with folks who are homeless. Some people have no experience with homelessness other than the panhandlers who sit on curbs that they see as they drive by. Thus, it is as though we are all looking at a different part of the proverbial ‘elephant’. It is our belief that if folks were aware of the whole ‘elephant’/ problem, and it’s many aspects, it would be easier for a community to address the problem of homelessness successfully. One of the intents of our show is to increase awareness of the complexities of homelessness.”


Sandra Relyea

Diana Vader

The Artwork

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Holiday Showcase - ARTsMART Boutique Artists' Show

November 11 - December 17, 2016

Visit Holiday Showcase at Old City Hall gallery and shop unique, quality arts and crafts created by Redding area artists!

Perfect gifts for those hard-to-shop-for friends and relatives!


Rebekah Amick

Rima Armogida

David Anderson

Julie Bullock

Nicki Carlisle

BJ Christenson

Susan Emerson

Karen Flynn

Gini Holmes

Aubrey Hooper

Sandi Howell

Michael Karns

Pam Kriner

Irina Stroup

Rhonda Wyatt

The Artwork

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