Connected Perspectives – opening reception

Connected Perspectives – opening reception

Show runs: November 22 – December 21

Opening reception: Friday, November 22. 5pm – 8pm

Old City Hall

1313 Market Street, Redding


Featuring Plein Air Artists:

Susan Greaves

Chuck Prudhomme

Howard Lucas

Jessica Willis


The beauty of Northern California is evident to anyone who finds the privilege to immerse themselves in its glory. Those who get to experience the many facets of the state’s various landscapes know there is more than what meets the eye while exploring. A sense of spirit and freedom surround you as you find yourself engulfed in nature. You feel the history of the area as you listen to the silent trees. A photo helps us capture the beauty and essence, but sometimes the spirit of the rivers and trees and the feeling you get aren’t always easy to replicate.

Some of the great painters from art history felt this same way, but they didn’t have cameras to capture their experience with the land. They instead turned to PLEIN AIR painting, which is French for ‘outdoors.’ To paint ‘en plein air’ means the artwork is created outdoors by the artist on location. The artist enters the landscape, finds the view and perspective, which fancies them, sets up their easel and paints. Mother Nature gets to have a say in the painter’s work while the light is ever-changing. Natural elements and weather play a large part in the work, setting the mood and character. As the sun moves at a steady pace, artists usually work quickly during outdoor sessions, inherently allowing their own energy and expression to manifest into the painting.

Artists have long been painting outdoors, but in the mid 19th century, Impressionistic artists began to use outdoor lighting for much of their work. This is when the term Plein Air painting was coined. ‘Connecting Perspectives’ is a modern collection of plein air artworks by four Shasta County artists who dedicated their lives to adventure and continuing the historic art of plein air. This collection of work showcases Northern California scenes experienced by local artists Chuck, Luke, Susan and Jessica who inspire each other through their unique artistic journeys & friendships developed through their shared joy of painting. ‘Connecting Perspectives’ is a celebration of the artists connecting with the land, each other and themselves while painting in the great outdoors.