Who Are We?

The creative arts are a key component to a community’s growth in the twenty-first century. Information technology requires more emphasis on creativity and critical thinking than ever before. Arts are an integral part of our community and in every aspect of our daily lives. This is where the Shasta County Arts Council comes in.

The Shasta County Arts Council’s objective is to make the arts accessible to all members of our diverse community. Through the design, planning, and organization of a broad range of art activities, events, educational outreach programs, and supportive opportunities for our artists and community, the SCAC mission is to provide avenues for social exchange that promote learning and cultural understanding.

  • We envision a world where the arts thrive and where creative individuals are developed into professional artists and performers and are then given a platform for expressing their particular genre of art.

    We envision a community that encourages, strengthens, creates, and grows together—where, together, artists and performers engage their audiences through story, painting, song, enactment, or other form of creative expression.

    We envision the expansion of an arts culture in Shasta County and the surrounding areas that will draw art connoisseurs to the region and will enrich the lives of everyone in the region.

  • We are committed to invigorating the arts in our local and regional community through education, support, and practice. We accomplish that by providing the space, the resources, and the opportunities to facilitate the arts.

    We bring artists, performers, and teachers together to advance artistic expressions in the community. We host events, classes, performances, and films that engage the community. And we exhibit art by local and regional artists in our gallery.

  • At the Shasta County Arts Council, our goals are:

    • To cultivate a creative environment that fosters creative expressions.
    • To connect teachers and students in the arts.
    • To train, equip, and empower local artists to produce the art they’ve always dreamed of creating.
    • To develop artists into professionals.
    • To facilitate arts expressions for the local community.
    • To increase the appreciation of the arts in the region.
    • To increase the participation in the arts by the local community.
    • To become a trusted, valued, and sought-after arts hub.
    • To increase economic success in the region by the proliferation and innovation of the arts.

  • We offer the SCAC PROGRAM and the SCAC Fiscal Sponsorship PROJECT to assist arts startups with establishing themselves and obtaining independent, not-for-profit status.

    We advance the arts by creating a platform for a variety of expressions. We host art gallery shows, classes, film festivals, art festivals, school art competitions, wearable art boutiques, poetic expression events, and much more.