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Holiday Showcase - ARTsMART Boutique artists' show

Runs through December 17, 2016

Visit Holiday Showcase at Old City Hall gallery and shop unique, quality arts and crafts created by Redding area artists!

Perfect gifts for those hard-to-shop-for friends and relatives!

Participating artists are: Rebekah Amick, Rima Armogida, David Anderson, Julie Bullock, Nicki Carlisle, BJ Christenson, Susan Emerson, Karen Flynn, Gini Holmes, Aubrey Hooper, Sandi Howell, Michael Karns, Pam Kriner, Irina Stroup, Rhonda Wyatt.

Open Tuesday – Thursday, noon – 5pm and Fridays, noon – 6pm.

Saturday, December 17: 11am – 3pm. Reception & FREE concert: 4pm – 7pm

Come join us for closing reception on Saturday, December 17 from 4pm to 7pm.

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"In Print"

Print-makers' exhibition.

January 13 - February 3, 2017

previous exhibits


ThirtySomething was a fine art exhibit comprised of contemporary works of four young Redding artists, all in their thirties.

Show was on display from January 8 through January 29 and was part of the 2016 Cultural Cruise.

Participating artists were:

Alexandria Blevins
Lauren Phipps
Ryan Schuppert of Cannonball Metal Works
Enrique Zepeda


I have painted since I was a kid. My art teacher in elementary school (Mrs. Ambriz) really encouraged my creativity and I continued to create art and pursue education in studio and art history through high school and am now studying fine arts at Shasta College.

My go-to medium is acrylic paint, but I also enjoy using any medium available to me – ranging from printmaking to sculpture to collage – whatever I have; I will use!


For me, painting is a form of inner expression for my soul, and oil painting is my medium of choice. Differing from that of a traditional, trained painter’s background, my learned techniques are mostly self-taught and unique to my practice and study of the art. As time goes on, I expect my love for painting with oil will lead me to develop different styles and more ways for expressing how I think and feel.


My name is Ryan Schuppert and I was born and raised in Redding California. I am a metal fabricator/artist. My pieces are typically made from steel being bent, shaped, welded and painted or clear coated in order to get the desired finish.
I learned to weld as my senior project at Enterprise High School.

From there, I have been pretty much self-taught. I had a custom motorcycle shop for seven years. This is where I honed most of my fabrication and welding skills. When the economy got bad, the motorcycle side of my business slowed down a lot, and I started doing general metal fabrication. My art career also started around this time, somewhat by accident. I made my mom a metal heart piece for Christmas and I posted the photo on facebook. All of a sudden, I had people asking me to build pieces for them. So I started making pieces ordered by customers and eventually started getting them in boutiques and art galleries.
Now I am making everything from wall art and sculptures to custom furniture to motorcycles and 4×4 stuff.


Name: Enrique Zepeda
Age: 32
Why do I paint?
I paint because I feel in control and completely in my element. I become someone else; I go some place else. It is me freedom of expression. Anything I cannot say in words I can easily express through my art.
How did I get started painting?
I began painting in the 5th grade. Both of my older brothers painted and I wanted to be just like them. I became a perfectionist because we had a continuous unspoken competition going on between the three of us as to who could draw better.
What is my favorite medium?
Graphite pencil and Prismacolor color pencil.
What is your favorite piece of work you have produced?
Cadillac in Oils
Cowboys and Red Skins in Prismacolor Pencil

Sundial Film Festival Photography Showcase


Annual High School Art Competition

2016 Annual Juried High School Art Competition received 545 entries from 347 students of 12 Shasta County high schools. 14 works were awarded and 185 art pieces total were on display during gallery show from March 11 to March 26, 2016.

Juror was award-winning artist, Colleen Barry.


It’s always exciting to see the emerging talent and diverse viewpoints represented in this important exhibition I am impressed by the overall quality and diversity- each year the work gets better. I look for a fresh take on subject matter, a unique point of view, and technical skill.  You are all special individuals-so communicate something original-surprise and intrigue us! From the common themes running through the many submissions including portraits, fantasy, pop culture, sports, angst, social issues, and animals, I strove to select pieces with inherent integrity that went beyond the expected and showed the artist’s view point.

The Shasta County Art Teachers deserve special commendation for assigning diverse and challenging projects. There are always more submissions then available gallery space, so inevitably some worthy pieces have to be omitted, this is part juror’s discretion-and part luck of the draw- juried shows are always a crap shoot!  Sometimes there were so many quality submissions for a specific assignment that I had to omit numerous excellent pieces, only including a few strong representative works. Some artworks with good concepts were rejected due to poor technical execution, when you are submitting work for a professional exhibition make sure your piece exudes quality.

It is an honor to jury this show (my third time). The Shasta County Arts Council affords students the chance to exhibit their work in a professional gallery setting and the public the opportunity to see what these young upcoming artists are creating. Some of these pieces are for sale, help encourage promising ability by purchasing a unique work of art!

Colleen Barry

About the Juror:

Colleen Barry (MFA- Edinboro University, PA) creates mixed media art incorporating unusual objects rich in color and texture. Local public sculptures include “EarthStone”, “Mosaic Oasis” & “Frog Island- McConnell Arboretum, “Mosaic Sanctuary”- Redding Sculpture Park, “Slow Turtle Crossing- City of Redding. Her work is represented in museum, corporate, public and private collections worldwide. She teaches workshops and works from her Redding studio.

Annual Juried Middle School Art Competition

The 2016 Juried Middle School Art Competition was inaugurated in April of this year. The Middle School level of the competition was spearheaded by one of Shasta’s dedicated school teachers – Lura Wilhelm. With assistance of Shasta Arts Council and a small group of middle school teachers, the competition follows tried and tested guidelines that High School Art Competition has worked out.

In 2016, four middle schools participated, entering over 200 pieces to be juried. 85 works were selected for display, by jury comprised of two accomplished high school art teachers – Tamara Watson and Sandra Ross.

2016 participating schools were:

Monarch Learning Center, Redding School of the Arts, University Preparatory School and Parsons Junior High School.

The competition and pop-up exhibition following it were a great success, and we are looking forward to developing the project further, inviting more schools to participate.

Salon Artists


Salon artists meet regularly to support each other’s artistic endeavors, share  current art projects, and to exhibit new artwork in the community.
Established in October of 1996 by five artists, the group has twenty-five  painters, sculptors, print makers, ceramists, digital artists, and photographers.

Show was presented at Old City Hall from April 8 through May 13, 2016.

Within Reach

This exhibit consist of a collection of oil paintings by two artists, Paul Zegers and Andrew Duclos, ranging in size from small plein air studies showing how the process begins, to larger studio paintings.

The art show highlights the value of the Northern California area around Redding as a wonderful destination for tourism and outdoor recreation. The title “Within Reach” suggests that all paintings in the show will be from scenic areas within a day trip of Redding. “We also hope to remind locals of the variety of beautiful local destinations available to them for healthy and relaxing recreation. We have traveled throughout the area within a day-trip driving distance to paint on location as well as take reference photos used in the studio to create larger works.” GPS locations are included in the tiles [and QR codes are provided] of the works so viewers can travel to the actual locations if they wish.”

The exhibit highlights not only the finished works, but also the process of creating the artworks through the inclusion of several plein air studies as well as a demonstration painting from each artist with notes showing various stages in the development of an oil painting.

Show runs July 8 through August 27.

Artist Statement:

I love nature and being outdoors, and I love to paint. For me, art is about adding beauty into people’s lives. No hidden meanings or agendas.             I simply want the works I share to touch your heart, give you joy, delight your eyes, and remind you of your own connection with nature. If I manage any of these, the painting is already a success. 

 I consider myself a “realist” in the sense that I want to share the feeling of reality, but never simply a photocopy of life. The goal is always to create    a visual language that is both concise and effective and in the end,         that engages the viewer and allows them to become a part of the experience.

 I use a combination of plein air studies (small oil sketches painted on location) and reference photos to paint larger works in my studio. In my plein air sketches I try to capture the light and colors that my eyes see and the camera is likely to miss, the major shapes and values in the scene, and their relative placement and connectivity with one another. I’m not trying to create a painting at this point, but rather a record of the essence of a scene that caught my attention.



Andrew started creating wildlife pencil drawings while living in Redding, CA during the 80’s. After moving to Oregon he was introduced to plein air oil painting in 2009 while attending a workshop by Charles Waldman. Landscape painting in oils quickly became major focus of his work.         The show “Within Reach” at the Old City Hall Gallery is a pleasant and much anticipated “coming home” event for the artist.

Andrew has had paintings and drawings accepted into numerous shows and juried competitions around Oregon, including Artworks Northwest 2015, various shows at Gallery 7 at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, solo shows at the Umpqua Valley Arts Center and the Douglas County Museum in Roseburg and yearly two-person shows at Fisher’s Flowers and Fine Arts. His work has been accepted into shows at Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay and at the Arts Center in Corvallis for the 6th Around Oregon Annual competition. Andrew also had the honor of having two drawings accepted into the top 100 finalists in the 2009/2010 ARC Salon 6th Annual Online Competition. In 2013 He was awarded an Artist Residency at Playa, Summer Lake, in SE Oregon. Andrew now has paintings in both private and corporate collections.

Andrew has continued his education through further workshops with     Marc Hanson, Charles Waldman and Mitch Baird. He also uses DVDs and books by contemporary masters including Richard Schmid,                  Kevin Macpherson and Edgar Payne.


Major influences include painters from the Hudson River School,           19th Century painters such as Thomas Moran, Thomas Hill and William Keith, and modern masters including Edgar Payne and Clyde Aspevig.


Plein Air Painters of the Umpqua | Umpqua Valley Arts Association | Shasta County Arts Council

Artist Statement:

After painting in the studio for many years,     I discovered the joy of plein air painting on location. Weather and changing light makes plein air painting challenging, but it also provides the artist with the advantage to see and experience the landscape in ways that a photograph cannot convey. The ever changing conditions forces the artist to work fast, loose and small. The result is a spontaneous sketch that is an invaluable reference for working in the studio.  I also take photographs and use a combination of the photos and plein air studies to create larger studio paintings. I feel my best work comes when I refer to the plein air studies more and the photographs less.

 My landscape work continues to evolve and has been moving from a tight representation to a looser, more abstract approach. I strive to create work that is representative of the subject when viewed from a distance but on closer inspection reveals loosely painted abstract passages of shapes and colors. My subject matter ranges from wild lands of the western US to urban cityscapes.

 Traveling has become a very important part of my artistic growth. Experiencing new environments, flora, geology, climates, etc. while traveling has expanded my artistic eye. Painting plein air while traveling not only provides valuable reference material, but also helps keep me in practice.



Paul is an oil painter living in southern Oregon who has been painting over 25 years. His art education includes workshops with Dennis Porter, Charles Waldman, Mitch Baird, Josh Elliott, Thomas Kitts,                Dave Santillanes and Marc Hanson.  He is most recognized for his landscape work. He paints both in the studio and plein air.

Paul’s work has been juried into numerous exhibits and he has been featured in several solo shows. His work has received many awards including Honorable Mentions, Artist’s Choice Award and Best in Show. One of his highest honors was to win the Grand Prize Purchase Award in the 2010 Paint America Top 100 which was one of America’s foremost competitions for representative paintings. In 2014, he received an Honorable Mention in the Emerging Plein Air Artist online competition. He also received a purchase award for the Umpqua Community College permanent art collection.

In 2013 Paul was selected to paint the Mt Hood Wilderness for “Art of the Wild”, a traveling exhibit sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service and the Columbia Arts Center to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Wilderness Areas. Also in 2013 he was the Juror for Create Eugene’s Plein Air Competition in Eugene, Oregon.

Paul’s work has been published in Plein Air Magazine, and he was recently featured in Verve Magazine. He has completed numerous commissions for both private and corporate clients and his work is displayed in collections nationally. His work is available at Portland Art Museum’s Rental and Sales Gallery.


This show was presented at Old City Hall gallery from September 9 through October 28, 2016.

Opening reception: Friday, September 9.

Artists: Sandra Relyea, Diana Vader.

“We are aware that homelessness is a local political issue currently. We see that it is a complex, multifaceted problem wrestled with by many.

Not all members of our community have the same experience with homelessness. For example, medical personnel on the HOPE Van, family members of the mentally ill, business owners, workers at the Rescue Mission, police officers, etc. all have different perspectives and experiences with folks who are homeless. Some people have no experience with homelessness other than the panhandlers who sit on curbs that they see as they drive by. Thus, it is as though we are all looking at a different part of the proverbial ‘elephant’. It is our belief that if folks were aware of the whole ‘elephant’/ problem, and it’s many aspects, it would be easier for a community to address the problem of homelessness successfully. One of the intents of our show is to increase awareness of the complexities of homelessness.”