Our Story: Water is Life

Our Story: Water is Life

January 9 – February 13, 2015


Ben Aleck, Paiute

Rita Alvarez, Huichol

George Blake, Hupa-Yurok

Miki’ala Catalfano, Hawaiian

Farrell Cunningham, Mountain Maidu

Jonathon Freeman, Choctaw/Chichimeca

Rochelle Kulei, Shoshone

Jean LaMarr, Pit River/Paiute

Julian Lang, Karuk, Wiyot

Brandy McDaniels, Pit River (Madesi), Wintu, Yana, Yuki, Shasta & Pomo

Rod Querini, Atsugewi/Hat Creek

Mary Montgomery, Atsugewi/Pit River

Michelle Radcliff-Garcia, Wintu

Lyn Risling, Karuk, Yurok, Hupa

Keanuenue Kaholi Roldan, Hawaiian

Kristi J. Smith, Yurok

Rulan Tangen, Metis


Annual High School Art Competition

Leah Harper and Sky Titus

MAYA Illusion Delusion

April 10 – May 23, 2015

Artists: Gini Holmes & Ragan Ragan


Gini Holmes

I love process. This does not mean that I place process over product. To me, they are inseparable. Sometimes, I will go through several layers of process, sometimes I find what I want the first time. This helps me explore and define my product until I have answered some abstract question within myself – until I can say; “Ah, That’s what I want.”

Experimenting with new media and combining the traditional with the nontraditional has always been a major focus. my recent explorations into print making encompass inkjet print transfers onto metal, wood and handmade paper using home recipes (hand sanitizer gel, hairspray, water) and addition of textile embellishments (embroidery, flocking, beading).


Ragan Ragan

In approaching my work I have two concerns. The first deal with a sense of time which I’m trying to establish-or, more precisely, a sense of timelessness, with its almost dream-like qualities and my secondary concerns which are with the qualities and movement of the paint itself as well as the spatial relationships on the picture plane.

The Time I am seeking in the works is one united in an eternal present – an exquisite moment perfectly balanced and poised between the eternities of the past and the future. I am searching for the stateliness and the solemnity which dignifies the only moment that is viscerally real to us. (I find such a mood in the works of Edward Hopper). This is not a melancholic but a solemn moment.

Everything in existence is a prayer from the mouth of God and all about is the flowering of God. With the Bather series I am attempting to evoke there moments of bathing in that light.

And, then there is the paint with its textures, nuance and dimensions and it is deposited over its predecessor, almost a metaphor for our existences.

Northstate WinterFest